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May 4, 2011 Advice

6 Reasons Why She Fakes The Big O

Faking an orgasm

Yes, sometimes she fakes it. We don’t condone it, nor do we judge it – because some of you guys out there fake yours too (as much as women, but you do). However, you may not know ALL of the reasons why a girl fakes an orgasm. Let us enlighten you mankind… here are top 6 reasons why a woman fakes the ‘O’.

#1 She’s not in the mood but didn’t want to hurt your feelings by turning you down. She just wants to get it over with.

#2 She IS in the mood but for some reason she knows it’s not going to happen and she’s embarrassed to say so… and she fakes it!

#3 She’s afraid it’s taking her too long to get there and she doesn’t want you to get bored or tired.

#4 She’s getting sore and wants it to end before it gets sore-er.

#5 It’s the least complex reason: She is tired and wants to get it over with. Haven’t you been there too?

#6 She’s never reached a climax before and is too shy to tell you.


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