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May 17, 2019 sponsored post

MAN Break: Are You Ready to Take a Leave of Absence?

In the age of cell phones, constant emails and hectic schedules, more people are considering taking a break from work to balance their busy lifestyles. A traditional sabbatical involves taking a specified amount of time off of work, usually a month or more. The employer would have to agree to the break, and you would have to work with your company on the specific details. However, the benefits are numerous for both the employee and the employee’s attitude and work quality when returning.

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Leaving Work Behind

Many employers actually offer paid and unpaid sabbaticals after employees are with a company for a period of time. Even those without specific policies may still be open to it, so it’s always worth discussing with your boss. If you’re choosing a sabbatical because you truly aren’t happy in your work, it may be time to leave the role, take time off and start a new venture when returning. The key to a successful sabbatical is planning and setting aside money ahead of time, so that the time off is not stressful.

Traveling While on Break

Many people choose to spend their sabbatical traveling the world. For international destinations that require days of travel to reach, it can be hard to fit into a normal work vacation. However, a sabbatical offers you the freedom to travel far from home and fit several countries into the trip. From African safaris to Egypt tours, these no longer have to be separate vacations scheduled years apart. There are many companies who can assist in travel plans, and this truly can be your time to see the world before retirement.


Sabbaticals are often a time of self-reflection. It can be the first time in adulthood that you have time to examine your spirituality, goals or lifestyle. Meditation helps with this process by clearing your mind of stress and problems. A calm body and clear head make it easier to tackle issues or heal relationships. Self-reflection can take place during travel as well. There are hundreds of peaceful destinations, so choose one that speaks to you. Some people need time alone, and others need time to reconnect with family or friends. Regardless of the way you do it, take time before a sabbatical to decide your goals and the best way for you to reach them.

People don’t need to wait until retirement to enjoy a break from work. With careful planning, a sabbatical can offer much needed time for reflection and travel. You will return feeling refreshed, accomplished and ready to re-enter daily life with a new perspective.

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