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May 18, 2011 Advice

How To Compliment A Woman

complimenting a women

Let’s face it, hot girls get lots of compliments. In fact, the effectiveness of a compliment might be nonexistent to a girl who’s heard a lot of them. So how do you compliment a girl and make sure it left a lasting effect? Check out these tips on how to compliment a girl.

#1 Be specific
Saying, “You look good tonight” is cool, but it’s generic as hell and she’s heard the same exact thing from a handful of dudes tonight. So you have to be unique and focus on a detail. Look at her closely (but not creepily,) and decide what it is about her you think makes her beautiful.  Pick something specific and try, “Your green top really brings out the green in your eyes. They’re beautiful.”

#2 She’s Got A Personality Too

So you think she’s hot and want to compliment her. But consider complimenting her on her personality. When you’re just meeting a woman and find yourself in conversation, try complimenting her sense of humor, her intelligence or how sharp she is. Noticing things other than her looks will go a long way.

#3 Don’t Be Sexual

Unless she’s from the Jersey Shore, she doesn’t want to hear how hot her butt is, or that her boobs are awesome. Sexual compliments are pretty much wack all the way around.

#4 Be sincere
When you compliment a woman, stick to compliments that you actually believe and not just things you think she wants to hear. Woman are intuitive, so she’ll know when you’re sincere or when you’re faking it.

#5 Don’t Over Do It

We’ve mentioned this concept before. Over complimenting a woman is bad-news-bears. If you tell her she’s gorgeous every 10 minutes,  your words will lose their potency and she might start feeling uncomfortable with your obsession with her looks.


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