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May 31, 2011 Advice

Top 4 Signs You’re About To Get Dumped

Do you know the signs a woman gives off when she’s thinking about breaking up with you? Sometimes you feel it, but can’t put your finger on it, and other times you’re just plain clueless. Hopefully, you don’t need this, BUT here are the top signs that you’re about to get dumped!


#1 She cuts off the PDA.

A girl that is dunzo, will retract the public displays of affection. She won’t lock her arm into yours, snuggle your neck or give you big fat kisses in front of people. She’s moving on mentally.


#2 Her Couch Posture Changes

Say you’re watching a movie together on the couch and her body is angled away from you—that’s a bad sign buck-o. If it’s just one night, fine! She could be in a bad mood or needs personal space. However, if your usual M.O during couch time is snuggles and hugs, but she’s taken to boxing you out with her body language, it means she doesn’t feel the intimacy anymore.


#3 The Conversation Is Neutral

How about the weather? If the conversations between you and your girl have become bland, generic and neutral, it’s a sign that the intimacy is gone.

#4 The Cutesie-Wootsie Is Gone

You may be in a long-term relationship and so the cute texts back and forth are less frequent… but keep an eye on this. If she entirely stops sharing funny, sweet, sexy moments with you, she’s creating distance between the two of you.



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