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October 11, 2011 Guy Stuff

Snoop Dogg GGN ‘Bad B*tches of History’ Report

Snoop Dogg GGN News Bad Bitches

Who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg? He is not only likeable, but he is definitely entertaining. For a guy that stands for the sticky green, he is beloved by everyone. He is so liked that NBC (Not VH1 or MTV) is willing to give him his on sitcom airing during prime time. Not bad for a guy that talks about b*tches and getting high.

If you never had the pleasure of checking out GGN, Snoop Dogg’s weekly news report, I encourage you to check out his latest episode ‘Bad Bitches of History.’ Snoop aka ‘Nemo Hoes’ list of Bad B*tches of History includes a few surprises including Mrs. Butterworth and Lucille Ball. See if your favorite lade make the cut?

Make sure you notice ALL the product placement from his sponsors including Colt 45. Hilarious.

note: NSFW due to language


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