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March 31, 2014 Guy Stuff

Snoop Dogg 7-inch Vinyl Figure

Snoop Dogg Action Figure 2

Here’s your chance to buy your very own 7-inches Snoop Dogg complete with the sticky icky. After all, a miniature replica of the dogg wouldn’t be complete without him blazing one. The new vinyl figure from Kidroot depicts the Loc’d out D-O double-G’s Snoop Dogg with his porchfront braids and eased back with a fat roll of endo. From shades to his shelltoes, like the real life Dogg, the 7-inch Snoop Dogg is reppin the LBC.

Snoop Dogg Action Figure 2

If you want to do it Doggystyle, 7-inch Snopp Dogg can be yours starting April 18th at just in time for 4/20 day. He can be in the muthafunkin hiz-ouse for $49.99. Take the jump over to for more information.


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