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November 17, 2011 Grooming

The Hairy Truth About The Moustache [Infographic]

The Hairy Truth About Moustache, Movember

As most of you know each year during November men celebrate “Movember.” Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the US and around the world. In an effort to raise money for prostate cancer research, a group of guys decided to try to bring back the moustache. To date, Movember has become an annual event and has raised $178 million. For a better understanding of Movember take a look at this handy infographic that outlines the history of Movember, how prostate cancer can effect you, facts about moustaches, and a guide to growing a moustache.

The Hairy Truth About Moustache, Movember Infographic


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