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Facial Hair Where Do Beards Come From

All About Facial Hair: Where Do Beards Come From...

December 16, 2011 Grooming

MAN Moustache Pomade & Beer Soap

Man Moustache Pomade

Are you looking for a way to tame your moustache? Are you into grooming and shaping your stache into handlebars and other fascinating shapes? If so, there is a specially formulated pomade called MAN Moustache that provides a strong hold allowing you to shape your moustache anyway you want. Retail $10

Man Beer Soap

Before you carefully craft your stache why not take a nice hot shower with some beer soap. A gentle blend of essential oils, Beer Soap actually contains real beer. The beer is believed to contain skin softening amino acids that help soothes irritations leaving your skin looking and smelling great. Retail $8

So, if you are a MAN looking for a way to repress those wild hairs in your moustache and are interested in smelling like beer, try MAN Moustache Pomade and MAN Beer Soap.

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