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March 23, 2012 Guy Stuff

Just Send Me To Hell Or New York City… Tim Tebow’s “Timsanity” Has Begun

Tim Tebow New York Jets

Tim Tebow was traded to the the New York Jets and whether we like it or not, the New York City tabloids have kicked off the Tim Tebow campaign. I am NOT ready for Timsanity, are you? It’s no secret that I am a huge J-E-T-S fan. My love affair with the Jets began in 1997 when I fell head over heels for Bill Parcells. ’97, that was the year. Tim Tebow New York PostPaul Tagliabue was the commissioner, the Jets were still playing in The Meadowlands (Giants Stadium), we drafted James Farrior with the 8th overall pick…the year before we picked up WR Keyshawn Johnson with the number one pick, Curtis Martin was still playing for the enemy (New England Patriots), our starting QB was Neil O’Donnell (later Glenn Foley), and Ray Lucas was our backup quarterback. We went 9 and 7 that year and ended up 3rd in the AFC East.

Admittedly, our team wasn’t Super Bowl caliber, but Bill Parcells made me feel as if something good was going to happen. It wasn’t until 1998 that the team started to shape up with the acquisition of QB Vinny Testeverde and RB Curtis Martin. Although we didn’t have any draft picks in 1998 (and 1999), Parcells put a team together that was ready for war: 12 and 4 with a winning percentage of .750, 1st in the AFC East and battling the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game definitely wasn’t bad.

When Parcells left the Jets my heart was broken, but then Herman Edwards came along. He was EVERYTHING in my eyes. He had the swagger of Bill Parcells and could talk as smooth as Joe Willie Namaith. Unfortunately, like Parcells before him, Herm fell short of delivering us a Super Bowl Championship.

Rex Ryan NY Jets

Two years later New York Jets fans were fortunate enough to get the offspring of Buddy Ryan, Big Sexy Rex. I fell in love with other Jets head coaches throughout the years, but Big Sexy is my MAN. I love the talk, the swagger and I secretly think I like all the controversy. How can you not like a man with Rex’s confidence? Rex keeps it real at all times. Maybe he is too sexy for his own good and too confident for the rest of New York City, but I LOVE my MAN! Well, I LOVED HIM until yesterday.

Tim Tebow NY Jets Twitter Tweet

Tim Tebow as part of the New York Jets evokes feelings of despair, feelings of hopelessness and ultimately, feelings of being dropped off in HELL! What was Sexy Rex thinking? Does he know something the rest of us don’t? Is it still about the “ground and pound” and is the prospect of losing the starting job to Tim Tebow really going to make Mark Sanchez play better? What was Tim Tebow thinking? Did he not know that Hell and New York City are just about the same?

Tim Tebow NY Jets Twitter Tweet

I lived in the concrete jungle for years and I realized a few things during my stay: Gotham City sports fans are obnoxious and the media in New York City can be brutal. They will eat Tebow alive, and if they don’t, he’s still going to feel like they did. Let’s face it, New York City is NOT Denver. It’s Hell’s Kitchen, it’s NEW YORK CITY!


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