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Old Spice Bar Soap Smell

July 8, 2013 Grooming, sponsored post

Old Spice: The Bar Soap You’ve Been Smelling For

Old Spice Bar Soap Smell

It’s been a few years since Old Spice launched their original “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, but here and now in 2013 the famed deodorant company has a fresh motto for its more modern consumer. After 75 years in the business, Old Spice is changing its tune and releasing its first ever “Old Spice Bar Soap” with three unique fragrances sure to catch the attention of the opposite sex.

Speaking of the ladies, it’s a little known fact the quickest way to a woman’s heart is straight through her nose; research shows that women have more smell receptors than men, and prefer certain scents above others. Old Spice has captured that concept with its Fiji, Pure Sport and Swagger scented bar soaps. Each has a unique smell designed to elicit a masculine yet sensual smell that will drive the ladies wild.

It also means that gentlemen, you’re officially out of excuses. Thanks to Old Spice there is simply no reason to smell like “that guy” who just left the gym… long after you’ve actually left the gym.

VIDEO: Old Spice | Shower

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Old Spice is considered the quintessential men’s grooming brand as well as the number one selling anti-perspiration/deodorant stick and body wash brand with guys of all ages. Although we give you guy’s stuff from a girl’s view, we thought that we would #SmellItForward and let one of our favorite writer Aaron Torres of Fox Sports and author of “The Unlikeliest Champion” share his opinion on the product.

Aaron’s (@Aaron_Torres) Take:

Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to try out Old Spice’s bar soaps! Frankly, I’m not sure whether I should be honored that you selected me out of ManKindUnplugged’s thousands of loyal readers to demo the product, or concerned that this is some type of passive-aggressive way of telling me that I have a hygiene problem…

Kidding, and all joking aside the “Old Spice Bar Soap” is the perfect product for me. While I am a writer by trade I am an active and-on-the-go kind of guy who often doesn’t stop from the time I get up in the morning until I unload at the end of the day. These bar soaps are the perfect product to allow me to stay fresh long after I’ve left the shower and embarked on the day.

After using several other soaps through the years, this is the one I expect to continue going forward.

The Old Spice Bar Soaps come in three head-turning scents, each which is completely unlike any currently on the market. It’s “Fiji” scent smells like the swaying palm trees of an island oasis, “Pure Sport” is for a fresh and clean smell, while swagger exudes the aura of power. All three scents of the new Old Spice Bar Soap are available in 2-packs and 6-packs retailing for $1.79 to $3.99.

VIDEO: Old Spice | Watermelon

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For more information on the new Old Spice bar soaps make sure to visit and follow them on Twitter @OldSpice or Instagram (@OldSpice). Old Spice will roll out a new ad campaign that pays tribute to the popular jingle soap commercials of the 1980’s and 1990’s, so be sure to visit and to see their newest spot debuting this summer.

  • Old Spice Bar Soap Smell
    Old Spice Bar Soap Smell
  • Old Spice Bar Soap Smell Fiji
    Old Spice Bar Soap Smell Fiji
  • Old Spice Bar Soap Smell Pure Sport
    Old Spice Bar Soap Smell Pure Sport
  • Old Spice Bar Soap Smell Swagger
    Old Spice Bar Soap Smell Swagger


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