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December 27, 2013 offbeat

This Is Why You Should Say NO To Drugs – Before & After Photos

Drugs Before After

Have any of you heard of ‘Obamacare’ heroin? Before you start laughing, I can assure you that it’s real! A few days ago, I came a cross an article on Huffington Post that detailed how a Massachusetts state police officer seized hundreds of bags of heroin stamped with the names ‘Obamacare’ and ‘Kurt Cobain.’ Apparently, heroin is often stamped with popular words or symbols to identify where it came from as well as who’s dealing it. Needless to say, it got me thinking and researching. I don’t know much about heroin or any drugs for that matter, but I was curious about the effects of it. We have all seen those crazy before and after photos of Meth Heads, but what about people who take heroin?

Heroin Bust Obamacare

As I Googled words/phrases like ‘heroin addiction’ and “drug effects,’ I kept coming across the craziest photos of people on drugs. Finally, I decided to Google ‘drugs before & after,” and I landed on

These before and after photos are amazing. Drugs are definitely no laughing matter and addiction is real. In fact, addiction is devastating. Often times the effects of drugs can be irreversible, but to see these remarkable transformations of individuals who have successfully fought their addictions and come out the other side is awesome.

Before and After Drugs (Meth) via

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction can be the biggest and most difficult challenges someone can face in life. Addicts often feel hopeless and powerless against their addictions, eventually leading them to a place where they must choose literally between continuing the addiction and dying, or choosing life through treatment. Please consider sharing these inspiring transformations and help other addicts and their families see that recovery is possible and that rehab works. Remember just say no to drugs.


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