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September 13, 2014 sports

2014 NASCAR Chase For The Sprint Cup “Chase Grid” #MyChaseNation

NASCAR Chase Grid

NASCAR is kicking off their Chase For the Sprint Cup with a new format and a new “Chase Grid.” NASCAR’s Chase is like no other playoff in sports. The Chase Grid looks very much like a basketball bracket, but it’s much more than that. It’s not a bracket, it’s a grid!

NASCAR always does things a bit different. After all, it’s NASCAR. For those that don’t follow the sport, NASCAR announced a radically new championship format earlier this year that put greater emphasis on winning races. NASCAR’s Chase playoff format expanded on the Chase field from 12 drivers to 16 drivers competing for the coveted champion title.

In the first playoff round (The Challenger Round), each of the 16 drivers will compete in 3 races before 4 drivers are eliminated. If a driver wins one of the races, he will automatically advance to the next round of 12. Points will decide the rest of the spots. In the second round (The Contender Round), 12 drivers will compete in 3 races. 4 more drivers will be eliminated, but like in the previous round if a driver wins one of the races, he will automatically advance. 8 drivers will compete in the third round (Eliminator Round) with 4 drivers advancing to the championship race in Miami. The winner of the final race will be crowned the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion. Sounds easy, right?

If you are still unsure how the new NASCAR Chase format works, don’t worry. NASCAR has you covered with a very delightful video explaining all you need to know.

VIDEO: Spreading The Word – The all-new Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup

[jwplayer mediaid=”22528″]

As NASCAR fans, we couldn’t resist jumping in on the action. Check out our picks blow and make sure to check back each round to see how we are doing.

Tam Star 2014 Nascar Chase Grid

Make sure to visit to learn more about NASCAR’s Chase for The Sprint Cup and follow the hashtag #MyChaseGrid to catch up on all the action.


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