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November 23, 2015 Advice

Do’s and Don’ts Of Texting In A Relationship

Texting in a relationship can be tricky. We get that. You can’t help but read a statement with some suspicion when it doesn’t seem right. You also can’t help but wonder what that blinky emoticon is really supposed to mean. With that in mind, we’ve selected the do’s and don’ts of texting in a relationship for guys like you.

1. Do start the conversation
There’s nothing more thoughtful to your girl than when you text her first. It shows you’re thinking of her and not a game player that keeps track of who texted last.

2. Don’t just text with purpose
If you only send serious texts, it can be a bit of a drag. Sometimes we need you to text with nothing in mind – except us, of course!

3. Do be romantic
Romance in 2015 is becoming less and less real. Make sure you’ve got her heart in your hands by not being afraid to be lovey dovey over text.

4. Don’t be raunchy
Romance is one thing that we love. Raunchy, sexual talk isn’t. There’s nothing sexy about being crude. Innuendo is as far as you should go. On the other hand, if she is about that life, go for it she initiated it.

5. Do send photos
We love to see you no matter what you’re doing. Send us pics of your smile and your surroundings – it makes us feel closer to you and what you’re doing.

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6. Don’t sent nudes
Sending or asking for nude photos is childish. If you’re in a relationship, sending nudes or asking for them is the equivalent of saying you’d rather have a quickie than a night of passion. It’s just not intimate.

7. Do reply in a timely manner
There’s nothing worse than sending a text and waiting forever to hear back – especially from your boyfriend! We’re not saying you have to reply instantly, but don’t leave us hanging!

8. Don’t argue over text
If things start getting heated, the worst thing you can do is to argue over text. Don’t do it. And stop us from doing it, too. Be calm and set a time to actually talk things through. We’ll thank you for it when we’re done talking.

9. Do check-in
Nothing warms our hearts more than when you guys check in. It shows that you care and want to know what we’re up to. Nothing is sexier than knowing you’re thinking of us!

10. Don’t text when you can talk
Texting is awesome! We’d never argue that! But sometimes relationships become so dependent on texting that you aren’t really connecting outside of your smartphone. Talking is always better – even if it’s just to say hello!

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Being in a relationship in 2015 makes texting inevitable. It has become one of the best tools to help stay in touch, but also stay distant. If you follow these 10 essential do’s and don’ts, however, your relationship is destined to be last forever!


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