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January 13, 2016 Gadgets

The Noke – More Than Your Average Padlock

No one will argue the fact that a padlock is ingenious. It is an amazing piece of technology that makes keeping your valuables safe and protected. But some padlocks are on a pedestal high above the rest. The Noke is one of those models because it is anything but what you’ve seen on the market a thousand times over.

What is the Noke?

The Noke is a Bluetooth enabled padlock and it’s the first of its kind. To activate or unlock this padlock, you need nothing more than your smartphone. A few clicks and you’re done. It’s never been simpler or easier to use a padlock! Those hard to get into combinations and lost keys are now a thing of the past. This padlock brings you front and center of technology and protection.

Noke Padlock Lock App

Benefits of the Noke

As a Noke owner, the enjoyed benefits are numerous. Those benefits include:

* You will be able to gain confidence of using the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.
* Never again need a padlock broken by a professional locksmith because you’ve forgotten your combination code
* Lost keys present many dangers, including leaking into the wrong hands. Yet another worry that is long forgotten with the Noke.
* Gain confidence of using the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.
* Weather resistant, strong, durable and made to last
* Manual unlocking is available as well, just in case your smartphone isn’t near
* Keep track of the lock history so that you know exactly who is accessing it and when
* The Noke allows you to manage multiple padlocks from one device
* Lightweight

The Noke is easy-to-use, so even if you’re not a technology whiz you’ll find it simple. It is a lock that exceeds expectations and works overtime to keep your valuables safe and protected. At a cost of less than $90, the lock is a fantastic bargain that everyone should own.


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