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August 14, 2018 Guy Stuff

7 Fun Ways to Keep Fit Outdoors This Summer

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Summer months are for being outdoors with family and friends—at least we want to believe that. While most of us spend our summers at the beach, throwing a few burgers on the grill, or on holiday in Europe, there are people who will spend a good portion of their time working out at the gym. Getting hot and sweaty in the gym might not be the most attractive summer activity as temperatures rise but for seasoned gym-goers or those looking for that “summer body,” that’s their reality.

Nearly one in three of us go to the gym six or more times a week, whatever the weather holds, according to research from sports nutrition brand Myprotein. If you want to enjoy the sunshine without sacrificing your fitness levels you may ask, “what’s the alternative to the gym?” Below is a list of seven summer fitness tips for those that must get their workout on all year long. Yes, even during the summer.

1. Hiking

Walking is great for all-around fitness. You can turn walking into a fun day trip with family or friends. If a countryside walk isn’t viable, try carrying a heavy pack or hill walking to increase resistance and burn more calories. You could also make a trip of it by packing a tent, gathering basic supplies, and sleeping out under the stars before setting off on the next leg of your hike.

2. Rock climbing and bouldering

Rock climbing is great for building core strength and works muscles all over your body. If you don’t like heights – or don’t want to commit to rock climbing straight away – try bouldering instead. It involves climbing at lower heights, traversing horizontally to test your strength, stamina, and skill, either on a climbing wall or your local countryside.

3. Watersports

Surfing is a great exercise. Plus, you get to spend the day at the beach.  Combining cardio with core strength and explosive movements as you push up to standing is almost as good as a gym workout. For something more sedate, try paddle boarding—great for building core strength and improving your balance and posture.

4. Wild swimming

What could be better when it’s hot outside than swimming in the great outdoors? There are plenty of beaches, lakes, and rivers where it is safe to swim – just make sure you check before you take the plunge.

5. Cycling

Cycling is great cardio and is something you can do alone, with a group of friends, or with the kids. If hitting the road doesn’t appeal, try off-roading on a mountain bike instead. Look out for family-friendly off-road cycle trails near you.

6. Yoga

Yoga is all about connecting with the earth, so try a yoga session in your garden or on the beach, listening to the wind and the waves. Great for core strength, flexibility, and canceling out the stresses of modern life, yoga is a great addition to any fitness routine.

7. Bodyweight exercises

You don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership to stay fit. You can do bodyweight exercises in your garden or the local park. Lots of parks have trim trails now – simple equipment like pull-up bars and balance beams – to give your body a great all-around workout.

While the gym is great for keeping up a regular fitness regime, you can’t beat exercising in the fresh air and sunshine. Get outdoors, soak up some vitamin D, and spend time with family and friends. You’ll thank us come winter.


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