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Silje Norendal Norwegian Snowboarder 4

Sexy Photo: Meet Norwegian Snowboarder Silje Norendal

Sexy Photo Alba Zalyai 2

January 22, 2014 WOMENkind

Sexy Photo: Russian Model Alba Zalyai

Sexy Photo Alba Zalyai

Mankind meet Russian Model Alba Zalyai. There is just something about a women in red lipstick and black lingerie would you agree?

There is not a lot of information on the web about Alba, but there sure are some nice photos of her floating around. Here’s what we do know, she is a beautiful model who lives in Moscow, Russia and she likes to post photos to her Facebook page. She’s also on Instagram @albusha. We know how much you guys like to look at photos, right?

Sexy Photo Alba Zalyai 2

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We have never been to Russia, but there seems to be a lot of beautiful women over there. With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Russia on next month, maybe it’s time for you and your friends to plan a trip to Russia to see what they have to offer. We are sure there is much more than good Vodka and beautiful women over in Russia.


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