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July 6, 2010 sports

Lebron James (@KingJames) Verified Twitter Account


The marvels of that thing called Twitter never cease to amaze! As the whole world plays wait and see with Lebron and NBA free agency, he pulls a fast by creating a “verified” Twitter account. Encouraged by his “brother from another mother” aka Chris Paul, Lebron’s first and only tweet at the moment mentions that Chris Paul (@oneandonlycp3) “gas’d” him up to jump on board. What’s so astonishing is within 37 minutes of his first tweet, LeBron already had over 100,000 followers and was listed 1500 times. His “brother” Chris Paul only has 133,000 followers. How long will it take LeBron to surpass Ellen (@TheEllenShow)who has over 4 million followers on Twitter? What about P. Diddy (@IamDiddy) who has over 2.5 million? The power and lure of social networking can be mischievous.



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