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March 13, 2015 Guy Stuff

Broadcast Your Live Stream On Twitter with the Meerkat App


With social media sites like Twitter, the whole world is your stage. But what if you could Tweet what you’re filming, when you’re filming it? Naturally, now there’s an app for that. Here at Mankind Unplugged, we’re always intrigued by new ways to stay connected. The Meerkat app is the latest to hit the market. Share a video you’re shooting with all your followers at the click of the “Stream” button. It’s that simple. Make a statement with no character limit, and broadcast yourself to the world. Move over, Martin Scorsese.

This app is designed specifically for Twitter and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. To get behind the camera lens, visit to download this live stream app. Make sure your friends download the app, too. The app will send a push notification when something new is posted, so your social circle can watch, comment and share streams in real time.

The rules of Meerkat are simple:

[+] Everything that happens on Meerkat happens on Twitter.
[+] Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications.
[+] People can only watch it live. There are no reruns.
[+] You can save your streams to your phone, but Meerkat will never keep them.
[+] Watchers can retweet any stream to their followers in real time.
[+] Everyone can watch on web.
[+] Be kind.


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