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July 11, 2010 celebrity WOMENkind

Cameron Diaz Talks to Harper’s Bazaar About Her ‘Tiny’ and ‘Juicy’ Booty

Cameron Diaz is covering the new Harper’s Bazaar issue for August 2010. Never short for quotable words as we witnessed in Cameron’s recent interview with Playboy where she discuses “traveling for cock,” the actress talks to Harper’s Bazaar about men, life, and of course her juicy booty.


Cameron Diaz: Woman on Top
The leggy actress is more focused than ever on her career, her friends, and dating men, not boys. Check out our Cameron Diaz cover shoot. Plus, how Cameron’s red carpet and beauty choices have changed over the years.

Cameron Diaz is many things: an ever-smiling, booty-shaking, blonde, leg-alicious movie goddess. But she’s also, surprisingly, something of a sage. “People always say, Oh, you haven’t changed at all, despite the fame,” she says, throwing ice cubes in a glass of pinot grigio at Gemma, a restaurant in downtown New York. “But I believe that fame makes you become who you are more clearly.” More than 15 years of global first-name-only celebrity teaches a girl a thing or two. “When all the doors are open for you, you have to set boundaries for yourself. If you don’t have a good upbringing, the danger is that you’ll take advantage of those limitless opportunities, and then,” she says, “you lose your shit.”

On her assets:
“Most booties that propel girls are usually the bigger booties. I have a little tiny one, but it is, nonetheless, juicy.”

On her body:
“Exercise for me is like eating, sleeping, and breathing. I’m consistent, and when I’m not consistent, it shows up on my body. I get really skinny, and I know it might sound like, ‘Well, good for you.’ But the body that people talk about is not me trying to stay slim, it’s the one where I work hard to keep weight on me.” She isn’t suffering the metabolism challenge yet either: “Your body definitely does change, but the more I work on my body at this age, the better it gets.”

On her relationships:
“I’ve always loved men and boys. I don’t get hung up on what boys do. I don’t have a nagging nature. I feel like I can be a woman but also relate to a man. . . Who doesn’t like the bad boy, until you grow up and realize bad boys are not the way to go? I’m done with that.”

Read more of the article here.

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