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July 20, 2010 Grooming

Gillette Survey: How Do You Like It Shaved?

A few days ago I posted a great video response from Old Spice to @Gillette on Twitter. Well, thanks to one of our readers, we were informed about a Gillette video making the rounds on YouTube that poses the question, “How Do You Like It Shaved?”

The video is a collection of responses from women who describe how they like “it” shaved. As they describe their perfect shave, the women make you wonder whether they are talking about themselves or their men. The comments posted on YouTube for this video are hilarious.

Personally, I DO NOT like it when a man shaves it all off down there. It’s a bit creepy and to be honest somewhat feminine for me. A trim is one thing, but completely shaving… well isn’t that for girls?

For those of you who insist on shaving down there, below is a handy “How-To” video from Gillette. Be careful!

How To Shave Your Groin – Shaving Tips From Gillette

Thanks Simon for the heads up on the video. Make sure to check Simon out at and follow him


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