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August 31, 2015 Advice

Top 5 Online Dating Websites for Men

Online dating is quickly becoming how the majority of people are meeting these days. But, with so many options to chose from, it’s almost impossible to pick the right website to hang your heart on. Fret not gentlemen, here are the top websites that are sure to help you fill your plus one card!

Sometimes things are better when they’re free. OkCupid is free, user-friendly, modern and fit for a wide range of ages. Their questionnaire process is short and that’s for the best; most people get a headache after taking an hour long grilling-session answering questions they aren’t sure they even care about. And the site gives you a range of people to browse, even if you don’t have a high percentage match. It even has an app for your phone so you can pretend it’s Tinder, but it’s usually got a more serious crowd, which is better for everyone looking to actually date and begin a relationship.

Tinder is an online dating platform used exclusively on your phone. Using geo-location to gather potential matches, it begins pretty straightforward, by offering people for you to like or not based on their photos and a short (sometimes non-existent) bio. You can only chat when you’ve mutually liked each other, which is pretty genius. The general attitude towards Tinder seems to be that it’s merely for hooking up, but it serves a variety of interests and is a viable option when seeking a relationship. It’s also a highly active platform, set up much like a game which keeps it interesting.

Of the paid online dating sites, this is probably the most fruitful option. It doesn’t ask you 101 questions, but it does let you put yourself out there and browse as you please. Considering it is a paid platform, you would think the web designers would make a better effort to offer a more modern look though. Regardless, it lets you advertise yourself and browse how others have marketed themselves, though it arguably presents the problem of too much to sift through. It’s a decent option though when you’re looking for something more serious.

Being Match’s sister site, this is a good option for people over 35 looking for a serious relationship. OkCupid and Tinder don’t exactly cater to people in their 40s and older, so this website is a fair trade. If you believe in answering dozens of questions to be put in an algorithm to find your perfect mate, then this is one of the most comprehensive tests you can take. It also livens things up with personality titles, making it a little more interesting than sifting through potentials on Match.

To join eHarmony, you have to take an extensive questionnaire. If you pass the test, you’re allowed in and asked to pay a membership fee in order to message other users. Perhaps in the past it may have seemed like a new and modern design, but at present it appears to be like an online scrapbook for people you don’t know who don’t have the patience to fill out every single square of information. But, there are serious people on it looking for love so it’s likely worth a try if the others don’t work out.


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