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October 24, 2010 sports

NFL Illegal Hits Explained by Punter Chris Kluwe [DIAGRAM]

I stumbled across Chris Kluwe’s Twitter page and found this interesting photo.

The caption reads “Got to watch an exciting video from the NFL today on illegal hits.’Someone’ drew a diagram to explain it.”

This is definitely worthy of a few chuckles. If you are wondering who Chris Kluwe is, he is well known as an avid Guitar Hero 2 player, a long time player of massively multiplayer online games, and he is obsessed with World of Warcraft. A couple of years ago, Chris made headlines when he tried to change his name to Chris ‘World of Warcraft” Kluwe. I should also mention Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe is one of the premiere punters in the NFL. Make sure to follow this guy on Twitter @ChrisWarcraft for a few sh*ts and giggles.


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