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November 16, 2010 Guy Stuff

4 Sexy Things That Won’t Be So Hot When She’s Older

Guys, we know there are things about girls you absolutely love to love. The harsh reality is: some of the things that make her hot now, won’t be so hot in the years to come. Here’s a quick list of some of those things.

Huge Boobs.


It’s hard not to love big breasts, we know. The problem with large ones, is that they start to sag early and can often end up looking like flap jacks. If you’re a big boob guy – sorry.

The Super Slim Model Face


The problem with a super slim face on a young woman, is that when she grows older, her face will start to look sunken in.  Conclusion: Skeletor face = no bueno.

Sexy Tattoos.


The tattoo that she has on the side of her torso is hot now, but picture that dragon tattoo as her body changes and morphs into god knows what kind of disfigured goblin.  Think long and hard before you wife up a girl with a precariously placed tat.



Here’s the bottom line. Sun exposure is important, because that’s how your body naturally receives vitamin D, BUT if you got a girl that LIVES for sun bathing, it could be bad news bears. Her tan looks hot now, but later in years it will become leather skin. Think about the movie “Sexy Beast” – just no sexy.


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  1. SIFOTI – 11/16/10 | WetBandits says:

    […] Mankind Unplugged has got some valid points on the 4 sexy things that won’t be so hot when she’s older. […]

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