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Rendy DeLaCruz - Badass - Jeremiah Weed

July 11, 2011 interviews, sports

Interview: Jeremiah Weed Badass Strongman Rendy DeLaCruz

Rendy DeLaCruz - Badass - Jeremiah Weed

It eats six pounds of meat a day! Well, should I say, “he” eats six pounds of meat a day, since this isn’t about a roaring beast from the African Savanna, but something close in fierceness, professional strongman, Rendy DeLaCruz. Putting away 15,000 calories, including 40 egg whites and 700 grams of protein a day is standard for him, but when you take a look at those biceps, you soon understand why. Tam-Star found out this shocker, plus a few other tantalizing facts in her recent interview with the body building superstar…

* Why Arnold Schwarzenegger was once his idol (and why he really still is, despite recent events)
* Why pulling a car 100 feet in 60 seconds was more like a “jog in the park” for him than a major feat of strength
* And, what it’s like being married to Christine the “Cardio Queen” aka “Rambo Barbie” (and how they like to spend their time together)

He’s not just a badass for Jeremiah Weed, but a romantic comedy movie-goer (maybe thanks to Christine’s strong arms), and an all-around adventurous and entertaining guy as you’ll soon see.


Tam-Star: I want to start off by throwing out the word “challenge.” I think it’s very appropriate for what you do. Can you share a little about how you got involved with the Strongman competition and what you feel has been your biggest challenge to date?

Badass Rendy: Well, being in and fighting off somebody has always come really kinda easy, but I needed more of a challenge. My parents used to travel with the circus. My dad was the strongest man and my mom was the strongest woman; it kind of runs in the family.

I got in the Strongman contests and there’s all the apparatus and stuff that people can’t pick up, that’s not supposed to be picked up. I think the biggest challenge was a 15,000 pound jumbo jet plane. It was the hardest challenge ever because nobody could ever do it, but I put everything I had into it and just pulled it 50 feet for 60 seconds. It was a pretty hard challenge.

Tam-Star: I read that you started weightlifting at the age of 10, but I did not know your parents were the strongest man and woman. At what age did you decide you wanted to transition from power lifting into pulling things, such as planes and automobiles?

Badass Rendy: Around the age of 18. I already won the challenges that I wanted for bodybuilding, so Strongman was the next adventure for being known, and using all my abilities from my past training. It requires a lot of strength, endurance, agility, pretty much all in one, and some heavy weight. It was a perfect challenge to see what I could do.

Tam-Star: Speaking of pulling cars, let’s talk about the Memorial Day weekend stunt that you did pulling a stock car 100 feet with a NASCAR champion driver in the driver’s seat.

Badass Rendy: That was a blast. I went to Charlotte, North Carolina with the Jeremiah Weed team and pulled the car for about 100 feet. Me and the Jeremiah Weed crew distributed about 1000 vouchers for free taxi rides, just to kind of tell everybody drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and just get home safely on us. We promoted a new malt beverage that’s coming out, but mostly wanted to say drink responsibly. I thought the crowd up there was a blast. That pretty much picked up everybody. It wasn’t really a challenge it was more like a jog in the park, and a lot of fun for the fans basically.

Tam-Star: NASCAR fans can be fanatical.

Badass Rendy: Oh, yeah, it was like a whole city of people, probably like 50,000 people just to watch NASCAR.



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