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Rendy DeLaCruz - Badass - Jeremiah Weed

July 11, 2011 interviews, sports

Interview: Jeremiah Weed Badass Strongman Rendy DeLaCruz

Rendy DeLaCruz - Metroflex Gym - Jeremiah Weed Badass

Tam-Star: Got it. Considering you work at as well as own a gym and your career consists of being in a gym, would you say the term ‘gym rat’ is an appropriate term for you or to describe you?

Badass Rendy: More like gym king rat [laughing]. I’m the king rat and I got my gym rats with me, so it’s like big family affair.

Tam-Star: What do you do outside the gym?

Badass Rendy: Outside the gym we kick back, go shopping a lot, walking around the different stores and stuff, go to movies, eat at some restaurants. We’re not really going to the clubs and stuff like that. Also a lot of people see big guys up there and they want to start some trouble with you. So we just keep it low key, watch some movies, eat a lot, and shop a lot.

Tam-Star: I’m sure your diet is insane, so what do you eat to maintain your weight as well as your strength? What’s a typical day for you in terms of diet?

Badass Rendy: On a typical day I start out eating like 40 egg whites and 2 cups of oatmeal with a weight-gaining shake. Then 2-3 hours probably 2 pounds of regular meat with some rice, potatoes, and vegetables. Then another hour later I’ll have a weight-gaining shake. Every 2-3 hours you’re either eating a weight-gaining shake with 20-30 egg whites and some rice, things like that, and by the time the day is over you’ve eaten probably like six pounds of meat, a lot of protein, and a lot of rice as well as vegetables. That’s at least 15,000 calories a day, with 6000 carbohydrates and 700 grams of protein each single day. And you’re drinking 2-3 gallons of water a day too to help digest all that foods.

Tam-Star: Okay, I just want to add one comment – yuck, I hate eggs, so that’s probably why I can’t build muscles. Not enough protein.

Badass Rendy: Well, if you want to build a lot of muscle you have to eat a lot of protein, whether it be chicken, fish or steak and everything else and you’re set.

Tam-Star: Can we expect to see you enter any Major League Eating (MLE) competitions soon? I mean you’re consuming six pounds of meet a day, why not?

Badass Rendy: Usually at Christmas time we do a thing for charity. We have an eating contest for who can eat the most, and however many pounds of meat you eat, they match it with $20 per pound you eat… So a lot of my friends and I usually raise like $6000 for the charity.

Tam-Star: Wow, that’s impressive. You seem to be somebody who’s all about pushing limits. I think the Major League Eating (MLE) competitions would definitely be pushing that limit. So you don’t want to give it a try?

Badass Rendy: Yeah, I think I’d give it a shot at least once.

Rendy DeLaCruz - Metroflex Gym - Jeremiah Weed Badass

Tam-Star: What’s next for you?

Badass Rendy: Up next now is to prepare for December. I’ve got a Strongman contest to get ready for. I have some more Jeremiah Weed campaigns, so advertising the beverage and also promoting responsible drinking. You’re gonna see more videos and ads on that too. And just getting stronger and getting better.

Tam-Star: Wow! I always like to ask people about themselves, so what would people be surprised to know about you?

Badass Rendy: Usually that I don’t like to go to any clubs, bars, or anything like that. I actually like to take my wife and go watch a romantic comedy. We don’t really go for the action movies and things like that. I like to watch the romantic comedy with my wife and just spend the day with her. That’s pretty much it.

Tam-Star: Romantic comedies… that’s really very manly.

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