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November 7, 2011 Advice

4 Things Not To Do On A First Date

First Dates Do's and Don'ts

Firsts dates can be nerve-racking even for men. Before meeting that special girl, why not take some time and do everything you can to make the best impression possible. Ultimately, the best rule to follow is to be yourself, but in addition to doing you there are also a few don’ts you should keep in mind.


Don’t Be Late – It’s one thing if a catastrophic life emergency goes down, but otherwise don’t be late for your first date. Even if it’s a few minutes, you don’t want to leave a girl waiting.

1. Don’t Under Dress – Girls like a guy that looks great in jeans and a t-shirt, but there’s a time and place for everything. Be sure to dress appropriately for your age and remember your date has most likely spent a lot of time to get ready for you, you should look like you put in some effort too.

2. Don’t Talk Politics or Religion – These are the most divisive topics out there. On a first date, you should stick with the basics. Talk about your hobbies, what you do for fun, and other lighter subjects. This is the best way to give your date a fair chance.

3. Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much – Yes, you’re really awesome and adventurous and have tons of stories to share. Share a few things about yourself, but don’t over share. She has to talk too.

4. Don’t Get Drunk – This is pretty explanatory. If you drink too much, your date will think your either an alcoholic or over drinking because you’re nervous. Neither leaves a good impression.


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