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January 17, 2012 celebrity WOMENkind

Rihanna Smoking Pot While Vacationing In Hawaii [Photos]

Rihanna Smoking Weed Pot

We love Rihanna for this reason only, she doesn’t care!

Rihanna Smoking Weed Pot

What celebrity do you know especially one as sexy as this young lady who flaunts not only her sex appeal but daringly walks alone smoking on some 420 (marijuana).

Check out more photos of Rihanna taking a holiday smoking break.


2 Responses to Rihanna Smoking Pot While Vacationing In Hawaii [Photos]

  1. […] has showed out while vacationing in Hawaii. Earlier this week Rihanna was photographed smoking on some of that sticky stuff and now she’s been photographed showing her smoking a*ss (literally). Does anyone show their […]

  2. iloverihanna says:

    I love ri ri and I love her even more now since she gets it in…I wish I could smoke some of this blueberry og with her…I kno she smokes nothing but the best stay high till you die

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