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Dear Girlfriend: Why Is She Making Me Wait For Sex?

Q: Why is she making me wait for sex?

A:Our Answer / Girl’s View: With women it’s simple. We probably want to have sex, but we are worried about giving it up too fast and the consequences of our actions. We wonder what you will think about us in the morning.

Alex Matlock (expert in dating and woman psychology) Answer / Guy’s View: The central reason a girl makes a guy wait for sex is trust. She needs to trust him enough in order to let that happen. Most women hate it when men take advantage of them.

The second most important reason is a relationship. If she makes you wait she is genuinely interested in having a relationship, not casual sex. If that’s what you’re looking for, bail now! This waiting period gives her plenty of time to actually get to know you; it’s the time when she decides whether or not you are a valuable investment. If you are, she will give you a shot.

If you want to speed this process up, you need to let her know that she can trust you, that you plan on calling the next morning and that you’re interested in her; then show her your compassionate and able to commit.

Other common reasons are:
– She doesn’t want to be called easy. (These are usually the girls that will sleep with you after two dates or so.)
– She enjoys the beginning stages of a relationship.
– She has her own reasons and insecurities such as a bad ex boyfriend, bad sexual experiences, etc.

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