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Dear Girlfriend: How Can I Escape The Friend Zone?

Q: Help! She wants to be friends and I want more. How do I escape the Friend Zone?

A: Our Answer / Girl’s View: Do you REALLY want to escape the friend zone?

We believe that once you are in the Friend Zone there is a good change that there is no real way to escape the no-mans land. Whether you are desperately trying to drop hints or thinking of ways to move the relationship up a gear, when a women has her mind set on putting you in the friend zone that is not much you can do to change her mind.

If you find some courage to just go in for the kill anyway and hope for the best, we decided to help you out and solicit the advice of our good pals over at online dating site Lovestruck. They have been around the dating block a few times, plus they’ve just been awarded Best Dating Site 2014 by the UK Dating Awards…we thought this made them pretty qualified on the advice front.

According to Lovesruck.com:

The main reason men find themselves in this situation is for one of two reasons: Either she doesn’t fancy you and really does just want to be your friend (in which case you just have to suck it up and move on) or she’s feeling your shirt but just doesn’t see you as boyfriend material. Here are our top tips on escaping the Friend Zone:

Don’t be so available
Do you find yourself dropping everything at midnight to pick her up from a party? Or do you have a permanent soggy shoulder from where she has cried buckets over the latest boyfriend who let her down? It might sound tough and yes, it’s reverse psychology, but it works. If you are not always there for her, trust us, she will appreciate you more when you are. Don’t be her “go-to” person who panders to her every whim, else she will take you for granted.

Focus on you
When you have strong feelings for a female friend, the relationship is already out of balance and you are probably investing more than she is. Take a large step or three backwards. Focus on how great you are and what you bring to the table.

Treat her like a woman
Instead of treating her like one of your mates, treat her like a woman. Be gentlemanly and open doors, pull out her chair and generally lose the relaxed vibe – you might be surprised at what her reaction is.

Ramp up the competition
Have you ever found that jealousy will turn someone’s head? Ok ok, we don’t normally advocate game playing, but if you want her to look at you differently, date other women. Start by broadening your social circle and making more friends of the opposite sex. If she thinks someone else might whip you away; she is more likely to want your attention…that’s just how it goes.

You may have thought you’ve done this already but try again. Subtly, hold her gaze for longer than you would normally (don’t be too creepy or sinister), mirror her body language or aim for some fun flirty banter and see if she reciprocates.

Be relaxed about it
Finally, the less you worry about it, the more confident and attractive you will appear. There are worse things in life than having a friend that you fancy, but that decision is all yours to make.

If you want more advice about dating, are single or are keen to find out what they can offer, head to Lovestruck.com.


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