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March 5, 2013 WOMENkind

Kate Upton Look-Alike?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Kate Upton Russian Look Alike

Some Russian girl named Ania on Twitter @Huliganjettaa thinks she is a Kate Upton doppelganger. After tweeting a photo of herself dressed like Kate Upton on the cover of her latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with the caption “Me as Kate Upton. @KateUpton #doppleganger…,” Ania received a retweet from Kate herself.

Kate Upton Look Alike Russian Girl Tweet

Ms. Ania definitely has Kate Upton like boobs, but we aren’t sure if she is a dead-ringer for the voluptuous beauty. Considering Kate acknowledged her with a retweet maybe she does, but we are curious to know what do you think?

Kate Upton Look Alike Russian Girl
Kate Upton Look Alike Russian Girl
Kate Upton Look Alike Russian Girl

Unplugged via Cosby Sweater


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