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March 30, 2017 Advice

5 Stress-Free, Inexpensive Date Ideas

Hungry House

Long walks, picnics, ordering takeout, and comedy clubs are sure ways to have an inexpensive date night.


Dating can be tough, especially if you are struggling trying to plan a fun and memorable outing. Dating can also be incredibly expensive. With over-priced restaurant bills and pricey movie tickets, the cost can be enough to put you off dating altogether. Yet this needn’t be the case! With just a little imagination, you can easily plan some stress-free and inexpensive dates that will leave you both with a collection of wonderful memories. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Takeaway and a Movie

True, a romantic meal in a candle-lit restaurant can be wonderful, but at the end of the day most of us are just as happy with a pizza or Chinese takeout. Why not invite your date over, order in your favourite food and stream a movie on Netflix? Add a few candles and your date will be just as romantic, the food just as good as a restaurant and you’ll no doubt find you’ll both have much more fun.

2. Long Walk and a Picnic

Whether it’s a warm spring morning or a crisp fall afternoon surrounded by falling leaves, there is nothing more romantic than taking your date on a long country walk and enjoying a picnic. You don’t even need to be a fancy chef to prepare an appetising picnic. Simply visit the store and buy picnic favourites like quiche, sandwiches and savoury bites. You could even get a sweet treat like some cake or macaroons and make it even fancier by bringing a bottle of bubbly. Just remember to pack a blanket so you’ll have somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy your food.

3. Exploring a Nearby City

We can live in a town or city for decades without ever exploring the wonderful area around us, which can be the perfect excuse for an inexpensive date! Get in the car and set out on your adventure to a town not too far away, but one that you’ve never really been to before. Perhaps you’ll see some tourist attractions, go on a hike or dine in a local boutique café. Whatever you do, it will have been a memorable adventure for you both.

4. Video Game Marathon

It’s not just us men who love video games, your date probably grew up enjoying games like Sonic and Mario too. Why not look out some of your old consoles such as your Sega Mega Drive or your SNES and spend the night reminiscing by playing the games from your childhood. Not only will be great fun for you both, it’s also a brilliant way for you to learn more about each other. Just don’t go in a huff if she’s better than you!

5. Amateur Comedy Night

Comedy show tickets for famous comedians can be both ridiculously expensive and hard to get your hands on so instead, plan a date visiting a local comedy night. Not only will these shows be free or super cheap, you might just see a future-star in the making. Equally, if the comedians are all terrible, you and your date will definitely have something to laugh about too!


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