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July 23, 2013 Guy Stuff

Beyoncé Hair Gets Caught In Fan While Performing Her Hit “Halo” [Video]

Beyonce Hair Caught Fan

Video has emerged of pop princess Beyoncé performing on stage in Toronto while her hair gets caught in a big gigantic whirling fan. The consummate professional, Beyoncé didn’t drop a note as she kept singing her hit “Halo.” Talk about the irony. Luckily, Beyoncé stage crew was able to quickly rush the stage and cut the “Crazy in Love” singer free.

Beyonce Instagram Hair Caught Fanphoto credit: Instagram

Beyoncé would later go on to laugh at the entire experience by posted a message acknowledging she “got snapped… 2 snaps.” Now that’s just crazy.


[jwplayer mediaid=”18958″]

Here’s another view from a video she posted on her Instagram page. Check out how a fan in the audience attempts to help her and then realizes she needs to whip out her camera phone to record what is happening. Yu have to love social media.


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