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Monica Lewinsky Beyonce Bill Clinton Gown

March 26, 2015 offbeat

How Many Times Has A Rapper Mentioned Monica Lewinsky In A Song?

Monica Lewinsky Beyonce Bill Clinton Gown

Are you curious to know how many rap song’s mention Monica Lewinsky? Don’t worry, we weren’t either until we came across an article that listed every song she was ever mentioned in. We figure you would have to have lived in the 90’s to fully gasp or care about the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal. For those

During a recent TED Talk, Monica Lewinsky decided to remind us that she has been mentioned in almost 40 rap songs. Blame it on ambition or a slow news day, but an intrigued writer over at the New York decided to verify the facts and it turns out Monica drastically underestimated the number of times rappers let her name roll off the tip of their mouth (no pun intended).

Monica Lewinsky Beyonce Bill Clinton Gown

While we don’t consider Beyoncé a rapper, we must admit when she said “He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown” in her hit song ‘Partition’, we secretly thought that the lyrics were genius although Monica disagreed. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Monica was quoted as says, “Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not ‘Monica Lewinsky’d.’”

Below is a partial list of rappers that have mentioned Monica Lewinsky.

“Partition,” Beyoncé

“Leave Me Alone, Pt. 2,” Cam’ron

“Takeover Freestyle,” Cam’ron

“Let’s Fuck,” E-40

“Just Rhyming With Proof,” Eminem

“Rap God,” Eminem

“XL Show Freestyle,” Eminem

“Can’t Let You Go (Remix),” Fabolous

“Diamonds,” Fabolous

“Pushin’ Weight (Remix),” Ice Cube

“Rough,” Jeezy

“Tidal Forces,” Jugga the Bully

“Through the Wire (Remix),” Kanye West

“Erase Me,” Kid Cudi

“Top Floor,” Kirko Bangz, featuring 2 Chainz

“In da Club,” Lil Jon, featuring Ludacris and R Kelly

“Looks Like Money,” Lil Kim

“Higher Than a Kite,” Lil Wayne, featuring Nicki Minaj

“New Orleans,” Lil Wayne

“No Type,” Lil Wayne

“Black Bush,” Mac Miller

“Willie Dynamite,” Mac Miller

“Get Ready,” Mase

“Life Is What You Make It,” Nas

“Freaky Girl (Wanna Minaj?),” Nicki Minaj

“Getting Cake,” Nicki Minaj

“I Get Crazy,” Nicki Minaj

“I Love Ny Range Rover,” Nicki Minaj

“Itty Bitty Piggy,” Nicki Minaj

“Kill Da DJ,” Nicki Minaj

“Set It Off,” Nicki Minaj

“Still I Rise,” Nicki Minaj

“Sunshine,” Nicki Minaj

“Win Again,” Nicki Minaj

“Young Money Ballaz,” Nicki Minaj

“What the Fuck is Up,” N.O.R.E

“100 Rounds,” Raekwon

“Gorillaz on My Mind,” Redman

“My Lovin’ Is Digi,” RZA

“Squeeze It,” Three 6 Mafia

“In My Car,” Wiz Khalifa

To see the full list of the rap songs that mention Monica Lewinsky take the jump over to Looking at the list it is safe to say Monica has a fan in Nicki Minaj. The pop rapper mentions Monica in 11 songs. Would you agree?


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