6 Things You Should Know About First Dates

6 Things You Should Know About First Dates

5 Signs She Is Not A Keeper

5 Signs She’s NOT A Keeper

Swoon Dating App

September 12, 2013 Advice

The Swoon Dating App

Swoon Dating App

Are you looking for love? There’s an app for that! In a day where most Americans spend about at least an hour each day on their smartphones, why not tap into the possibility that your perfect match is also out there, mobile app in hand?

The Swoon Dating App has made it super easy to connect to the dating scene online. With the swipe of your fingers, the Swoon App can assist you with finding some really cool people who like what you like. This brilliant app allows you to browse through what can seem like an endless carousel of potential dates. And the best thing about it is that you lose the creepy factor of cheesy pickup lines. Instead, you can remain anonymous until you and that special girl really click.

Swoon Dating App

With Americans spending more and more time on their mobile phones, it’s only natural that dating apps like Swoon now offer an increasingly viable alternative to meeting women at bars or on traditional online dating websites. If you are looking to meet new girls quick and painlessly, take this into consideration: According to a recent study, a higher percentage of women (71%) are using social media than men (62%). With those odds, you may want to consider hanging out where the hot girls are hanging out, online and on their cell phones.

Swoon is not the first and won’t be the last dating app, but it’s one of the coolest we have seen. As one reviewer stated on iTunes, “Check out some fine chicks in this app. Like them and they might like you back and start talking!” If only meeting and dating women in real life were this simple.

Not only has the Swoon App simplified the science of connecting online thanks to a few taps of the touchscreen, but this technology also offers an enhanced chat interface (beware, the almighty autocorrect!), a new intuitive user interface (UI), an iOS photo carousel, and the ability to vote on potential connections from within a profile. In short, Swoon is much more than a button on your screen. This is the new-age dating destination, where you can find out who’s crushing on you and play it cool while you follow through with it. Now ask Siri for some ideas on great first date restaurants, and you’re all set.

Swoon Dating App

Swoon is on all the major social media sites, including Twitter @SwoonApp, Facebook @Swoon and Instagram @SwoonApp – so be sure to stay in touch.

You can also visit SwoonApp.com to learn more about the app, its updates, and how its services can surely improve your love life.


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