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The 2014 Meister Watch Collection – It’s Time for...

December 18, 2013 accessories

12 Days of Badass Presents: Meister (MSTR) Ambassador MK-II Watch

If you haven’t thought about buying Christmas gifts yet, there is nothing like a ’12 Days of Christmas’ gift guide to send you into panic mode. Consider this a friendly reminder Christmas is near. Whether you are going to give a gift or treat yourself, here is another sweet idea that will turn you into one badass Santa.

Meister (MSTR) Ambassador MKII Watch – RETAIL $275+

The Ambassador Mark-II is one of the standouts from the recently launched Meister Watches (MSTR) 2014 collection. It’s sleek and fashionably stylish making it the perfect gift even if it’s for yourself. The rotating bezel with raised minute numerals along with a Japanese 6-hand chronograph quartz movement gives the Ambassador Mark-II an artistic appeal for every day wear. This versatile timepiece is available in different materials including the option for a stainless steel case in different colors. The textured rubber bands have a stainless steel U-buckle clasp, which adds some rugged comfort to the MK-II.

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The Ambassador Mark-II is available in limited quantities, so take the jump now over to


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