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B SCOTTxMSTR Collection

April 28, 2014 Guy Stuff

MSTR Watches Collaborates With Designer B:SCOTT On A Limited Edition Watch Collection

We have a thing for camouflage, so of course we jumped at the opportunity to tell you all about the new B:SCOTT x MSTR collection. MSTR Watches recently celebrated their collaboration with Los Angeles-based designer B:SCOTT on their B:SCOTT x MSTR collection. The fashion and watch designer hooked up to co-design a limited edition Aviator Chronograph Watch, which will feature B:SCOTT’s original camouflage print on the dial face. The Seiko VD53 Quartz Chronograph Movement powered watch will be sold with a custom tailored extended Euro-cut pocket tee crafted from Japanese jersey fabric with matching camo print.

B SCOTTxMSTR Collection Watch

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B SCOTTxMSTR Collection T Shirt

The MSTR X B:SCOTT Watch is limited to only 100 individually numbered units. To learn more about MSTR Watches, visit For more information on B:SCOTT, visit


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