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November 28, 2014 offbeat

Scion Audio Visual: Innovation Through Art [InfoGraphic]

Scion Av Infographic Music 1

Did you know that Scion has worked with over two thousand musical artists. Scion has also filmed over 500 artists interviews and produced 100+ music videos. Scion has been a staunch supporter of musicians since it’s inception. Scion has worked with artists such as:

Steve Aoki
Over the past 20 years, Aoki has established himself as a pioneer of the EDM genre, working as a producer and DJ with worldwide recognition. He also happens to be one of our favorite DJs.

A band whose name evokes the very essence of thrash metal, Slayer has been on the bleeding edge of the worldwide metal scene for 30 + years.

Ghostface Killah + The RZA
A legend in the hip-hop community, he is regarded as a great MC while RZA is regarded as one of the greatest record producers. Rza has also made his mark in screenwriting and acting. Both are members of the legendary group Wu Tang Clan.

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Since its founding, Scion has cultivated innovation by supporting alternative music and underground culture like nobody’s business. Scion has supported underground music and arts of all type including hip-hop, graffiti, break-dancing, electro, metal, dub step, garage, and indie. They’re aware that the latest rock and roll way to call attention to this stuff would be with numbers and graphs as illustrated below.

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