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February 28, 2017 Advice

5 Ways to Stand Out On a Dating Website

Deciding that you’re tired of living that single life and you’re ready to have a relationship with some kind of substance is a huge first step for many men. Depending on your record with the ladies, you may not be able to meet them the traditional way for one reason or another. So what do you do? Obviously, you’re going to try a dating website.

Well buddy, you aren’t the only one with that thought process. Statistics show that online dating is pretty much like a big old sausage fest because the ratio of online daters is 2 men to every 1 lady. So you really have to bring your A-game. But, how do you do that?

1. Put effort in writing a kick ass profile.

Before you start groaning, yes, you will have to create a profile! This is how the ladies are going to decide if you’re worth her time or not. Your profile should show that you are passionate about stuff (other than sports, please) and that you have a sense of humor. Use your profile to show the ladies that you’re a guy with substance and you’re more than just a stud.

2. Upload really good, crisp and clear photographs.

You would be surprised by how many men think that a bathroom selfie will suffice on a dating site. WRONG! You want to use pictures that are crisp, clear, and flattering. That means even though you have a great photo of yourself as the beer pong champion, you probably don’t want to use that picture. Instead, have a friend take a good picture. A good rule of thumb is take a snapshot of you doing something you enjoy doing, like playing a sport, going hiking, or even playing some kind of instrument. Studies show that women respond well to pictures where you’re doing something you enjoy rather than just smiling into a camera.

3. Avoid listing anything negative.

What we mean by this is don’t list things that you aren’t looking for in a women, things that you regret, or anything that is negative. People don’t want to surround themselves with negative people, and while you may not really be a negative person, when you start listing things that you don’t want rather than what you do, they’re going to assume that you’re someone they don’t want to deal with.

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4. Scope out the competition and evaluate what could work for you.

This tip isn’t just for the guys who need all the help they can get—everyone should take the time to check out their competition and see what they do that works. For example, maybe someone writes a little “story” that details what it would be like to go on a date with him. Maybe another fellow uploads a video and he highlights his talents. We aren’t suggesting that you copy from other profiles, but use what they’ve done as inspiration to rock your own profile. Chances are if they’ve done something to catch your eye, then the ladies notice it too.

5. Answer the messages that are from someone you can see yourself with.

Okay, we know you probably don’t want to be rude and you’ll message someone back to politely turn them down, but it’s unnecessary. When you send out messages to prospected love interests, you do it with the intent of making a connection. Well, imagine if you come online one day and see each of those people emailed you back. You’re probably excited as all get out. That is, until you read the messages and they are all rejections. That would seriously put a damper on the whole online dating experience. So with that in mind, save others from that experience and only respond to those you want to actually date.


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