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November 30, 2015 Guy Stuff

Time for Some Mantherapy

There’s nothing funny about depression, yet for men, it is often a joke, ultimately being treated like something only women suffer from. Just the opposite is true, however, and men can suffer from depression just as well as women. The disease leaves you feeling unappreciated, unconcerned and unconnected with the world, no matter how glamorous it may seem from the outside. Nothing is braver than a man who can seek help. Mantherapy is there to help men 25 years old and up who feel there is no hope, those who have sunk to the bottom and feel that suicide is the only answer.

No matter what it is that is bothering you, Mantherapy is a confidential website that provides you with a helping hand, a listening ear and a friend when it seems that the world is crumbling down on you. While depression is a main focus at Mantherapy, the comical Dr. Rich Mahogany from the website along with the caring individuals on the other end of the computer or phone are also there to help men who are dealing with other emotional issues that are weighing them down, including anxiety, cutting, suicidal thoughts and more.

Man Therapy

Some men think that depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders are a sign of weakness. They feel that it could never happen to them. Men are afraid to let their true feelings known or to seek help. Oftentimes allowing these conditions to rage on inside is responsible for ruining families, and ruining lives. Depression is one of many mental health disorders. It is beyond your control, but it is not a sign of weakness. Just as your blood pressure and heart needs to be monitored, so does the mind. If it is not nourished, problems can and will develop.

With the assistance available with Mantherapy, you can get relief and say what is on your mind. You’re still a man–you are a man who has a heart, who feels compassion and who sometimes has an episode that gets the best of them. You can get great advice, support, and a friend who understand what you are going through and never passed judgement. This is just one road block in life that you can overcome, and Mantherapy is there to help.


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