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January 21, 2016 Food + Drink

Gin Is In

If you’re a man looking for a sophisticated taste in your cocktails that doesn’t sacrifice that bit of “burn” you enjoy with other hard liquors, Gin is a popular option to consider these days. Whether you are hanging with the boys or enjoying a night on the town with your favorite girl, Gin has just enough oomph for a memorable evening. And best of all, it won’t scare your tonsils and tastebuds into hiding with an overpowering harshness.

Gin has been popular for decades. Think Gin Gimlet, described in 1928 as gin, a spot of lime and soda, or the Sloe Gin Fizz (and it’s okay to admit you thought it was a slow gin fizz, we did for a while, too), the Singapore Sling or Alabama Slammer…they’re classics that never go out of style. And given today’s myriad of options like the Bee’s Knees, the Kiwi Cooler or the Salty Dawg, there’s surely something for everyone that’s gin-based and delicious.

As with most liquors, all gins are not created equally, so we have picked three gins we think you might enjoy. These are but a few brands to consider as you welcome gin and gin cocktails into your life. We dare you to step up your drink game and try these three Gins.

Barr Hill Gin
Barr Hill Gin
Crafted with pure grain spirits, this elegant 90 proof Gin has a fruity, sweet taste, thanks to the juniper berry and raw northern honey. The raw honey is added just before bottling Barr Hill Gin and imparts an uncommon floral element that varies by season and blossom. From Hardwick, Vermont, it comes from a community inspired by farms and the production of cheese, grains, honey, herbs and milk…a history rooted in agriculture that provides a special connection between the land and its gin.

Ginself Gin
Ginself is in a class by itself, offering the fragrance of mandarin, orange blossoms and a soft hint of tiger nut. It’s double distilled from beet alcohol and Sierra de Espadán spring water. It offers the right amount of sweetness and elegance, providing tranquility and calmness. As Ginself themselves put it, Ginself is for the “moments” that include laughter and magic with friends…of hope, joy and non-conformity…moments that reveal a future faced with courage. Perhaps a bit more philosophical and flowery than others in their self-description, we find this gin justifiably unique, an impressive option for sharing with friends or easy nights at home.

The Botanist Gin
Botanist Gin
The Botanist Gin is very exclusive in that botanical scientists forage the 22 island botanicals by hand for this small-batch, artisanal gin. From the Island of Islay in Scotland, it’s distilled in their Lomond pot-still, affectionately called “Ugly Betty.” It is low-pressure “simmer” distilling that simply won’t be rushed. The result is a highly-distinctive, complex, floral gin with impressive finish and provenance. It’s a hand-crafted labor of love that stands out from the rest.

We highly recommend you give these three gins a try. Gin is a great option without the heavy feel of beer and somehow just a better fit in the hands of a manly man than a glass of Chardonnay. We think you’ll appreciate gin’s appeal and our proclamation that “Gin Is In.”


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