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Sex Dust

March 24, 2016 Food + Drink

Lusty Sex, Okay. Dusty Sex? You Be The Judge.

If your sheets are collecting a little dust these days, say, from too much sleep and too little action, then maybe you’re in need of a not-so-dirty little secret: Sex Dust. It’s said to “ignite, excite and cultivate the sexual flow” in both men and women…a little purple container of powdery magic to provide function and sensation to all the right places.

Although many are skeptical, Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle website, Goop, say a morning smoothie, including such dust, may give you the “boost” you’re looking for. Manufactured by Moon Juice, a California-based company, the ingredients work at the deepest levels to “heal and enhance your beauty, brain, body, sexual energy, sleep and spirit.” We suggest you be the judge and try a bit for yourself…we’re not ready to issue an official claim one way or the other, but we’re happy to provide an optimistically uplifting report.

At just $60 for a two-ounce jar, it’s certainly a monetary deal when it comes to a sex “friend” (with apparent benefits), plus it should last for a more than a few encounters, unless you like your smoothies extra dusty, in which case you might end up with a gooey paste (or should we say “Goop”ey paste) which might be hard to swallow.

Want more info on this aphrodisiac warming potion? Then don’t let the dust settle, visit and explore all the comic–um, we mean cosmic, opportunities available to you today with some Sex Dust. Why not, guys? Shoot for the moon!


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