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Humboldt Finest Vodka Infused Cannabis

March 24, 2016 Food + Drink

Vodka Infused With Cannabis Sativa

What’s That Smell?

You order a cocktail, maybe a margarita is your thing for the evening. You get a whiff of the lime, a hint of the blue agave, it’s just what you expect…cold and refreshing.

Next round, your friendly bartender suggests a Humboldt’s Finest. You’re game.

Whoa! What’s that smell? Did the guy sitting beside you just come from an iffy smoke break you wonder? Nope! It’s cannabis sativa infused vodka by Humboldt Distillery. Yeah, dude! And no, we’re not high, that is what we said, cannabis infused vodka.

Humboldt’s Finest has a unique — to say the least — botanical character and an unmistakeable aroma that’s highly reminiscent of fresh cannabis. Humboldt uses legally grown hemp from Orhempco, a Southern Oregon company that was recently okay’d by the US Farm Bill to produce the crops. It’s an 80 proof, premium small batch vodka that has limited release only in California and Colorado, for now.

Drink too many and you may swear you’re getting high, but you won’t. There isn’t enough THC in it to actually reach those heights, but if you believe you’re flying a bit above your other barstool buddies, who are we to argue?

It’s suggested you replace your gin with Humboldt’s. Try a High Thyme, an invigorating creation with Humboldt’s Finest, lime juice, honey syrup and fresh thyme. Just sounds earthy and “herb-like” doesn’t it? Visit for other highlights and recipes…and layer those vices for a truly enjoyable “scent-sation.”


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