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Apps To Try Now

July 10, 2016 Guy Stuff

3 Apps You Should Try Now

We’re always looking for interesting new or updated apps that are entertaining or useful for our hectic lives. These are our top three picks for today since they’re innovative and fun…a way to be someone else (sort of), to record yourself and friends with interesting new filters, and how to dress appropriately for the weather, no matter what your doing.

Being App

Do you feel like being a little bit of somebody else today? Do you wonder if who you’re being is anything like who those you emulate or already follow on social media? Launched just last week, Being is the first app that lets you experience Instagram from another user’s perspective. When you see Instagram from somebody else’s eyes, it unlocks an enormous new layer of discovery. Where Instagram is curation through shares, Being flips that model and focuses on who someone follows, not what they share.

From actors to sports figures, presidential candidates and celebrity chefs, Being creates a feed of what Instagram looks like from their viewpoint based on who they’re following. You’re “being” a little bit of them, discovering new content where they are, experiencing their interests as they do. You don’t need an Instagram account to use it and you can share who you’re viewing on Twitter and Instagram Trending.

Being is an iPhone app that’s available now on the App Store as a free download. For more information, visit Being on Twitter at @beingtheapp, on Facebook at, and on Instagram at @BeingTheApp.

Piku Piku
Piku Piku App

Piku Piku let’s you record and share fun repeating Video Clips or GIFs (graphics images, basically) with entertaining filters, front screen flash, and a timer using your iPhone camera. All you have to do is tap the shutter button once and Piku Piku does the rest.

You can easily apply filters in real time, plus get front screen and rear camera flash so you can record like never before, even in the dark. The self-timer gives you 3, 5 or 10 seconds to get in position, and you can record in portrait or landscape orientation. And if you have the iPhone 6s, you can instantly bring up the front or rear camera to take a moving selfie or capture something interesting quickly with 3D Touch actions

Everything stores in a separate album in your Photos app, so you can easily find all your creations when you need them. It’s compatible with iOS 8.0 or later on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Simply visit iTunes to buy and download today!

Sunshine Weather App

Sunshine provides weather alerts with an accurate live forecast. That way you can have the best day possible with a smart, fun weather app that keeps you prepared for any weather events you encounter. Catch that difference with Sunshine? It learns about you, like what’s cold or hot for you.

Weather comes to life as Sunshine uses sensors in your smartphone to create personal, interactive weather forecasts to help you plan your day. The forecasts are street level and confirmed by other users, so they’re more accurate than broad radar and clinical weather predictions.

Input your preferred temperature and Sunshine will let you know if you’ll be feeling hot, cold or just right for the day, so you put on a sweater, pick the right shoes or grab your umbrella. Zoom in on your local map and drag your finger across it to watch the forecast barometer evolve in real-time right on your map. And Sunshine saves your favorite locations so you easily see the weather for work, home or happy hour.

With a community of Sunshiners contributing to help keep the app fast and accurate, you’ll be part of the smartest weather community out there. Sunny skies or stormy weather, Sunshine will have you covered. You can download for free and there’s no sign-up required. See weather in a whole new light with Sunshine. Find it free in iTunes. It’s compatible with iOS 9.0 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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