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November 3, 2016 Entertainment

Fans Have Theories: Is The ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘The Walking Dead’ Prequel? (Video)

Fans have theories. Fans want answers. Fans make-up sh*t. Admittedly, when we saw the theory floating out there that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead was connected, we thought wow. Could it be? Is it possible?

Breaking Bad Walking Dead 2

Quickly, we jumped over to YouTube to view the video and thought, as one commenter wrote, “how long do you think it takes to observe shared traits in two different shows?” We get it. ‘Breaking Bad’ was everything. ‘The Walking Dead’ is everything. We all (including crazed fans) want there to be a connection, but is there? Watch the video for yourself and you tell us.

VIDEO: Fan Theories | ‘Breaking Bad’ Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Prequel | Netflix

The video had us believing the hype for a minute. Well, two minutes. Sounds good, but what sounds evn better is some of the fans funny a** comments. Read them for yourself and leave us a comment below.


“Theory falls apart because whatever virus makes the walking dead, everyone has. So it would have to be airborne and worldwide.”

“Connecting the world’s is fine, I rather like the idea of Merle & Daryl linking back to Walt and Jesse as their drug suppliers.”

“this is pure bullshit”

“Sum people have too much time on their hands”

“Breaking bad is one of the greatest if not the greatest show of all time. The walking dead is on par with breaking bad in a lot of ways. The acting is on par. The directing is on par(they even share many directors). The writing is on par, from the themes, symbolism, analogy, etc(they even share some writers). The make up is on par(if not better). They share the same make up team. Are you starting to see a pattern? Calling the walking dead a piece of shit is doing the the kind of work that goes into the walking dead and breaking bad a disservice.”

“Hmm. . . Best theory that made so much sense and even really improved the viewing experience for me was the ‘James Band was a code name given to, then inherited by agents of the British Secret Service’. This theory even managed to tie in Sean Connery as the ex British secret agent in the movie ‘The Rock’.”

“Ummm. Glenn was a pizza guy. Game over. Derp.”

“But in the comics he admits that he used to steal cars so maybe he stole the dodge? Mmm!”

But the meth creating the zombies? Get lost. Why? You don’t need to connect every plot point for the two to be related.

Is the ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘The Walking Dead’ prequel? What do you think? We don’t know.


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