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June 30, 2015 Advice

Dream Girl: 5 Shows For Her That You’d Like

With the rise of cord cutters, when it comes to TV shows options seem to be growing exponentially. More importantly, it makes the decision of what to watch much more complicated when there are so many options. Whether you’re at her place or she is at yours, we recommend one of these shows that she probably already loves. Warning: These “shows for her” may also become a guilty pleasure of yours.

New Girl on FOX
New Girl Fox
New Girl is a broadcast network series that’s a quirky and hilarious show led by Zooey Deschanel and a cast of characters who could each have their own show. This comedy has provocative humor that will leave you chuckling and it also has intertwining storylines that any hopeless romantic will find endearing.

Orange Is The New Black on Netflix
Orange Is The New Black Netflix
Simply put, Orange is the New Black has something for everyone. There is plenty of drama and comedy backed by a great storyline and superb acting performances. The show follows Piper Chapman, a middle-aged woman who winds up being sentenced to prison after serving as an accomplice to her drug-dealing girlfriend. Violence, girl on girl action, clever politics and witty comedy are the norm on this Netflix hit.

Girls on HBO
Girls Hbo
With its own mini-cult following, Girls has been a wildly popular show for the past few years. Set in New York, the show follows a group of 20-year-old girls and their experiences. Most girls like it because they find it funny and even relatable. While that may sound painful, the raunchy jokes make it entertaining – especially when they’re coming from Marnie, played by the stunning Allison Williams.

2 Broke Girls on CBS
2 Broke Girls
A few minutes into this show and you’ll be wondering how it’s allowed on a basic channel. 2 Broke Girls is packed with raunchy jokes you’ll love and follows Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) who are two girls trying to launch a successful cupcake bakery.

The Affair on Showtime
The Affair Hbo
This very well-written drama showcases the psychological effects of an affair between a couple. The show highlights the different perspectives from each of the parties involved while cleverly illustrating that there are always two sides to a story. Women generally embrace plotlines that have undertones of infidelity and we think that you’ll find the sharp writing and intensity of the drama compelling.

While we think you’ll find these shows entertaining, it should go without saying that you’ll better understand her sense of humor and interests by watching them. We highly recommend checking them out.


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