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July 9, 2015 Advice

5 Tips To Boost Your Dating Slump

If your social life has become about as unhealthy as Rob Kardashian’s, you’ve probably begun questioning what you’re doing wrong on dates. The truth is that there is no one simple reason that can cause a dating slump. Instead of guessing why you’re not connecting, here are five tips to boost you out of your dating slump and get you back in the social scene.

1. Relax!
You may be looking for your soul mate (or not) but you can’t get to the last chapter of a book by rushing or forcing your way through each wonderful step. Just have fun. Take the time to listen and connect and forget about how things are progressing.

2. Slow down!
There’s no bigger turn off than a guy who rushes intimacy. When we want to be closer, you’ll know. Go ahead and make the first move when you’re feeling it and you can sense we are, too, but don’t force yourselves or be too aggressive if we gracefully give you a cheek to kiss instead of your lips.

3. Stop looking!
You may have heard this before, but when you make it your life’s work to find a date, soul mate or just someone to hang out with, you come across as desperate and end up dateless. Just put yourself out there. Someone will feel your vibe and you’ll be drawn together!

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4. Start looking!
Sure it sounds like the opposite of the last tip, but this is totally different. You need to start trying different means of meeting women. Go online or download an app and set up a dating profile. You’ll be surprised at the results!

5. Be funny!
How do you get funny if you’re not a natural comedian? You can be a goof, a geek or a guy with some dry sarcasm and you’ll catch someone’s attention. The key is to pull from your true personality and focus on what’s fun and funny to you and wait for someone to be drawn in.


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