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Don’t Smell Yourself Short, Use Old Spice Hydro Wash...

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April 24, 2017 Grooming

#Smellegendary with our Old Spice Hydro Wash Giveaway!

Old Spice Body Wash And Bar

Try Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection to achieve #smellegendary confidence.

Old Spice Hydro Wash, the manliest new product in Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection of men’s grooming products, is the top of the line when it comes to making you lean, mean, and majestically clean.

We want you smelling – and feeling – your best, so we’ve decided to give you an opportunity to get some of the best, long-lasting scent and superior hydration you need to #smellegendary by giving away an Old Spice “Power Shower” Pack!

Why You Should Be Excited

If you demand more for your grooming products, then Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection is exactly what you’re looking for. Hydro Wash, the newest weapon in Old Spice’s arsenal, is a marvel of modern science, offering a “dual stream” formula that moisturizes you much more efficiently and making sure you don’t wash the good stuff right down the drain with the lather.

How does Old Spice do it? We suspect black magic. The truth is that Hydro Wash creates thicker and richer lather, providing you with a better overall shower experience. Your skin will feel clean and hydrated like never before.

And if that’s not enough for you, Hydro Wash ushers in the latest scent in the Hardest Working Collection’s lineup. In addition to popular classic scents like Live Wire and Pure Sport Plus, Hydro Wash is also available in Steel Courage, a daring new scent that’s both assertive yet laid-back at the same time. Scents of pineapple, warm rum, cloves, pepper and sage combine with notes of sandalwood and warm amber to balance things out – and all for just $4.99 MSRP. You’re smellcome, guys.

What You Can Win

Not only can you win Old Spice Hydro Wash in Steel Courage, you can walk away with an Old Spice towel, an Old Spice shower speaker to pump up the volume while you’re lathering up, and Old Spice Sweat Defense, a fellow member of the Hardest Working Collection that keeps your pits from smelling like the pits.

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Hydro Wash Shower Power Kit Giveaway

How You Can Win

You can enter to win two ways. You can click here and enter your email address to sign up for our newsletter. Or, follow us on Twitter @MankindStuff and send us this @ reply message:

Hey @MankindStuff I need @OldSpice Hydro Wash. #Smellegendary.

We will choose one lucky winner on Sunday, April 30, 2017. Winners will be notified by email or via Twitter DM. For more information on Old Spice’s Hydro Wash, make sure to visit OldSpice.com.

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Did You Know?

Old Spice is helping a new generation define manliness and success. As we said before, the Old Spice that lived in your father’s (or grandfather’s) medicine cabinet is providing men’s grooming products (new and improved of course) for this generation. To help Millennials build confidence and #Smellegendary, Old Spice wanted to hear from them about what being “legendary” means. What they said was surprising.


– 82% of Millennial men (ages 18-35) who use social media admit to fibbing or exaggerating the truth on social media to make their experiences seem more exciting.

– 87% of Millennial men believe the competition for men to “stand out” professionally is more intense than ever.

– 84% of employed Millennial men feel like their male co-workers frequently try to “one-up” each other.

– 85% of employed Millennial men say their current job pays the bills but it’s not their dream job.

Legendary Advice:

To guide Millennial men with their quest for legendary status and to achieve #smellegendary confidence, Old Spice developed a new Infographic that includes frameworthy inspirational advice and tips.

Old Spice Find Your Legend Infographic

Don’t smell yourself short. Take notes from these Old Spice Legends and enter to win our #Smellegendary Old Spice Hydro Wash Giveaway!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Old Spice, but all opinions are ours.


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