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June 14, 2018 Guy Stuff

3 Must Try Virtual Reality Experiences

Oculus Samsung Vr Headsets
photo credit: Oculus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is here and it’s changing the world. From self-driving cars to online gaming, life as we know it will never be the same.

Some of you may not be sure about AI and VR. Before we tell you all about the possibilities that await you, how about we give you a brief description? AI is all about machines capable of thinking like humans. Think about the science fiction action movie franchise The Matrix or Skynet and the cyborg assassin in the Terminator films. Scary stuff, right? Virtual reality, which is still in its early stages, has been around for decades. It’s all about immersing yourself in a computer-generated 3D virtual world where it is possible to experience anything. Think “virtual” and that pretty much paints a vivid picture of what VR is.

The thought of AI is a bit terrifying for us, but VR is something we can get used to. Once just a buzzword, virtual reality like artificial intelligence is now a reality, and the potential is staring us in the face. As intrigue grows for a world where you “virtually” engage all five senses (sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell), we wanted to bring your attention to 3 experiences sure to make you want to grab a VR headset and indulge.

VIDEO: Experience 360° in Copenhagen with Alex Vizeo – Travel by Air France


Virtual Reality tourism is here and with the help of 360-degree video capture technology, it has forever changed the travel industry. Have you ever desired to climb Mount Everest? Are you thinking about finally taking a thrill-seeking kayak adventure through the Grand Canyon? Do you want to ride a spaceship for a closer look at the planets and the moon? Maybe you wish to do something as simple as visiting a museum. With the help of VR technology, you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. Exploring sights and sounds around the world from your living room couch is now possible. Grab yourself a headset, get your mobile phone, and download an app like Google Earth VR or Everest VR. Whether you invest in equipment from Samsung, Google, HTC, or Oculus, an interactive adventure awaits you.

VIDEO: Welcome to IMAX VR®


The future of VR is forever evolving. Location-based VR entertainment is here and VR technology is influencing the way we consume our entertainment. If VR tourist destinations and experiences are on the rise, entertainment-related VR is at the top. Like with VR travel, you don’t need much to dive into virtual reality entertainment. IMAX VR Experience Centres are popping up everywhere and unique retail brand experience centers are becoming familiar sights at malls and shopping centers. The popularity of the VR gaming market has also given rise to VRcades (virtual-reality arcades). From video games to online gaming and apps, navigating the exciting world of virtual reality is limitless. You can play virtual reality sports and games with your boys or jump into some immersive VR s*x is an option if you are at home feeling frisky as you cuddle with your girlfriend. Yes, there’s a virtual reality sex platform where you… well, we will let you figure that out. Whatever entertainment you are seeking VR offers a mixture of amazing experiences. The virtual reality entertainment boom is upon us.

VIDEO: Volkswagen T-Roc Virtual Reality Experience


When most people think of virtual reality, gaming is at the top of their list. Video games and entertainment centers make up the largest market segment, but VR has an ever-increasing presence in the automobile industry. By its definition, VR allows you to browse a virtual space and replicate the feeling of being there. Automakers are doing exactly that and you can too.

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While autonomous cars and self-driving vehicles — both a form of artificial intelligence — are getting most of the headlines, car manufacturers are also using virtual reality. VR is being used to train factory workers, engineers are designing cars in virtual environments, and full-scale computer-generated models are being built. Thanks to virtual reality, you can now visit an experience center to explore your options and look at features without taking a trip to a car dealership. The ability to walk around a car in a mixed reality is present. Viewing the exterior of a car, checking out paint color options, or inspecting the interior virtually is a reality. Virtually shopping for a car and purchasing a vehicle via a real-time experience may sound farfetched, but that’s our new reality. Almost anything is possible.


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