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April 4, 2010 Guy Stuff

Kissing Couple Jailed in Dubai


Kissing in public, having sex on the beach, or sending steamy text messages will land you in jail in Dubai. Unfortunately for one British couple they had to learn the hard way after an Emirati woman claimed they exchanged a “passionate kiss” and were subsequently arrested.

When the 25-year-old female who took part in the kiss was quoted as saying “It started with a kiss never thought it would come to this,” clearly that was an understatement. After being arrested in November and found guilty this weekend, the couple has 30 days to appeal their one-month prison sentence in a higher court.

Strict decency laws in Dubai prohibit any form of public affection between a man and a woman. Although the pair said they just kissed each other on the cheek as a greeting, Dubai is not the place for any public display of affection. As the saying goes when in Rome… well when in Dubai, keep your filthy paws off her silky drawers in public.

Unplug more of the story here.


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