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October 27, 2017 Cars

5 Cars That Aren’t Gas Guzzlers

Do you frequently take long trips and hate how much you spend at the pump? Want to stretch your gas dollars a little further? One way to save at the pump is to drive a car that won’t guzzle a lot of gas. If you’re in the market for a fuel-efficient car, there are several options including a hybrid or an electric car which routinely get north of 100 MPG. If you’re still a petrol head, there are dozens of options across several categories. Regardless of the type of vehicle that interests you, below are multiple options that deliver excellent fuel economy to lessen your pain at the pump.

Toyota Corolla

Mid Size Sedans

Many mid-size sedans like the Toyota Corolla get more than 30 mpg. The Corolla combines fuel economy with a spacious and comfortable interior, an economical base price ($18,500) and nearly two dozen standard safety features. The Corolla is an outstanding fuel efficient option for someone looking to purchase a new car. It has a dashboard display featuring driving apps for music and directions.

The Volkswagen Jetta offers excellent value and fuel economy. At 34 combined MPG (40 MPG on the highway) and a base price of $17,900, the Jetta is as easy on gas as it is on the wallet. The Jetta also incorporates many of the same technology that the Corolla does. It also includes a built-in Sirius/XM satellite radio app.

2017 Jeep Compass

Fuel-Efficient SUV Choices

If you prefer the room, functionality, and higher seating position of an SUV, fortunately, there are several Sport Utility Vehicles that combine the benefits without sacrificing fuel economy. Many newer SUV models get more than 30 highway mpg. A good entry-level SUV which gets good mileage is the completely redesigned Jeep Compass. Clocking in at 32 mpg (highway) with a base price just over $20,000, the Compass delivers mileage, comfort, performance, and economy.

If you’re looking for an SUV with a little more flair and good fuel economy, look no further than the Jaguar F-Pace. The first Jaguar SUV, the F-Pace, combines fuel economy (33 mpg highway) with everyday practicality and luxury that only Jaguar provides. With a base price of just over $40,000, luxury and fuel economy aren’t mutually exclusive with the F-Pace.

2017 GMC Canyon

Even Trucks Can Be Easy On Gas (Kinda)

Trucks are notorious gas-guzzlers. If your work requires you to drive a truck every day don’t worry there are many fuel-efficient options. The Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon (both 2WD) head the list of fuel-efficient trucks topping out at a remarkable 30 mpg highway. Another option is the full-sized Dodge Ram 1500 clocks in at a respectable 27 mpg, on the highway.


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